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Nihi Sumba – Mamole Tree House, Indonesia

A look at one of the world’s best resorts. Nihi Sumba previously known as Nihiwatu, is a luxury all-inclusive resort featuring thatched villas with pools, dining, spa and beach.

Mamole Tree House is a treehouse of my dreams, only it’s way bigger and more luxurious. The stylish and uniquely designed cluster of three treehouses build around the trunk of the tree and it’s wonderfully linked to each other.

The treehouses are set in a lush green forest surrounded by different tropical plants and trees. It’s truly a relaxing sanctuary in nature.

This cluster of tree houses is connected by bridges and best enjoyed with a bunch of friends but yet private enough for individual couple living in each of them. However, the bath and toilet are not inside the bedroom but just a few steps outside.

The master bedroom is above the open-air living space. The room is circular in shape with glass doors on all sides completed with a balcony overlooking the amazing view of the Indian Ocean.

The open-air living space below the master bedroom is a great place to enjoy the sea breeze and villa pool and stepping out to the beach for a walk.

Sunset is the best time to enjoy the golden sparkle from the ocean at the balcony.

As the day comes to a close. The silence of the night is broken by the musical chirps of insects.

Don’t be alarmed when you see something flying around the forest after dark. These giant bats or flying foxes are happy to hang out at the tree branches outside the bedroom. But not to worry as these bats are primarily frugivorous and not carnivorous. In fact “It’s A Great opportunity to see them up close.

There is so much more to explore in the amazing resort. There is an amazing selection of delicious food, beautiful beach facing pools or indulge in the unique and relaxing spa experience.

Horses walking along the shoreline of the Nihiwatu beach and releasing baby turtles into the ocean is definitely a highlight and unforgettable experience during my stay there. I will definitely want to go back and stay at this amazing resort.

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