Taichung / Taiwan

The Most Beautiful Hiking Trail in Taichung, Taiwan

If you’re looking for a beautiful hike in Taichung, Taiwan, then you should definitely check out this Dakeng scenic hiking trail located in the area.

This trail is made by the locals using entirely natural resources like tree trunks and forms a bridge-like structure. As you hike up, the views get more and more spectacular.

You’ll also find many trees and plants along the trail, making it look like a jungle. It’s a really peaceful experience and you may even spot some birds, lizards, and other wildlife. The hike is quite easy, but it is also quite tiring due to the elevation gain, so make sure to bring plenty of water and some snacks with you.

The best part of the hike is the view of the surrounding hills and the mountains. As I was on my way down, the sun is setting and the sky turns into a beautiful orange.

I was advised that it is best to plan your time beforehand if you don’t want to get stuck in the dark since there are no lights on the trail.

Most of the locals will ride their scooters or drive there as public transport are not available at all at the trails. There’s also no public transportation available at the spot where I finish the hike, so make sure to pre-book a ride beforehand.

Overall, this was the most beautiful hiking trail I’ve ever been on in Taichung, Taiwan. With its breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere, it is definitely worth the effort.