The Hainan Story Chapter One’s Culinary Tapestry

In the heart of Singapore’s culinary scene lies a haven dedicated to preserving the nation’s rich gastronomic heritage – The Hainan Story 海南寶.

The Hainan Story unfolds a vibrant narrative, paying homage to the Hainanese pioneers who, following the British colonial era, left an indelible mark on Singapore’s diverse cultural mosaic. Beyond a mere dining experience, The Hainan Story is a heartfelt celebration of the enduring love Singaporeans hold for Hainanese cuisine, encapsulating the essence of latecomers who, after the Teochews, Hokkiens, and Cantonese, enriched the city-state’s culinary landscape.

The Hainan Story stands as a testament to Singapore’s diverse culinary heritage, featuring five distinct brands that promise a delightful journey through time and flavours. From the iconic Wee Nam Kee and the comforting Ah Chiang’s Porridge to the nostalgic Newspaper Curry Rice and the unique British-Hainanese fusion of Uncle Robert Western, each brand weaves a culinary tapestry that honours tradition while embracing innovation.

Chapter One is located at Boss Hotel Singapore 

Walking into Hainan Story Chapter One is like walking back in of olden days of Singapore where people gathered and had a good time dining together and enjoying good food.

The iconic coffee cups and red saucer are used as pendant lights against a causal backdrop. You won’t miss this eye-catching feature wall which is a red kaleidoscope with a Chinese opera face made out of coloured mosaic. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a photo with this Instagram famous feature wall. 

Wee Nam Kee – A Heritage of Hainanese Chicken Rice

Wee Nam Kee, a jewel in The Hainan Story’s crown, lovingly pays tribute to the iconic Hainanese Chicken Rice. This revered dish is not just a menu item but a culinary embodiment of the Hainanese immigrants’ contribution to Singapore’s gastronomic legacy. Through its authentic flavours, Wee Nam Kee captures the essence of this timeless favourite, inviting diners to savour the heritage that defines Singaporean cuisine.

Ah Chiang’s Porridge – A Bowl of Comfort

For those seeking solace in a bowl, Ah Chiang’s Porridge beckons with a heartwarming embrace of comfort. As part of The Hainan Story, this brand offers a soul-soothing selection of porridge, showcasing the warmth and nostalgia of home-cooked goodness. With a variety of toppings and a comforting broth, Ah Chiang’s Porridge reflects the Hainanese commitment to creating dishes that not only satisfy hunger but also comfort the soul.

Newspaper Curry Rice – Flavourful Nostalgia

Embark on a journey back in time with Newspaper Curry Rice, a brand that encapsulates the flavours of yesteryears in Singapore. With crispy pork cutlets, succulent curry, and fragrant rice, served in the nostalgic wrapping of a newspaper, this brand under The Hainan Story creates a sensory experience that rekindles memories of simpler times while celebrating the enduring allure of traditional flavours.

Uncle Robert Western – A British-Hainanese Fusion

Adding a unique twist to the culinary tale, Uncle Robert Western introduces a fusion of British and Hainanese influences. This brand, within The Hainan Story, invites diners to savour Western classics with a touch of Hainanese flair, embodying the harmonious coexistence of cultures that has defined Singapore’s history. It is a culinary journey that transcends borders and time, showcasing the adaptive spirit of the Hainanese community.

The Hainan Story isn’t just a culinary destination; it is a living testament to Singapore’s rich history and the diverse flavours that have shaped its identity. Through its five distinct brands, this establishment pays homage to the Hainanese pioneers, acknowledging their contribution to the nation’s culinary tapestry.

As we embark on this gastronomic odyssey, The Hainan Story invites all to savour the love, tradition, and innovation that define the ever-evolving story of Singaporean cuisine.