Nami Island / South Korea

Best Autumn Foliage in Korea

Sunlight sauntered through the irregular gaps between the leaves in a vast overhead network of greenery, creating beams of tan hues that lit up the island, warming the cool tones that once existed. Squirrels scrambled across the fields scouring for food and adding life to a wonderful morning. 

I woke up early and took a car ride of about two hours from Seoul and manage to arrived early at Gapyeong Wharf and bought ferry ticket for the earliest ferry ride to Nami Island before large crowd of visitors arrived looking for beautiful scenery and favourite photo spots. Don’t worry about food, there are many restaurants and cafes to ease any hunger pranks. 


Nami island or Namiseom island is one of the popular tourist location for beautiful autumn foliage just outside the capital of Seoul. You need to take a ferry or opt for the fun way of crossing to Nami island via zip line. Wear comfortable shoes as travelling around the island is by foot. It’s a picturesque getaway so expect many tourist taking their photos.

The popular tree-lined pathways are glistening with bright yellow leaves, straight out of a set from a Korean- drama. Definitely a popular spot for the visitors. 

To experience autumn somewhere as magical as Nami Island is truly extraordinary. For me, it served as an escapism. Providing a break from the bustling world and stepping into a magical nature. Beautiful in all seasons, Nami Island is definitely a must to visit while in Seoul, Korea. 

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