Phuket / Thailand

Baba Beach Club – Phuket

Baba Beach Club Natai is located just 20 minutes north of Phuket International Airport and 2 kilometres beach front on Natai beach. It’s breathtaking view of the beach has definitely made my stay worthwhile. 

In the mornings, reflected sunlight from the pool casts waves of undulating lights on the reflective ceiling of the poolside bar. Colourful beanbags and floats scatter across the pool, brightening everyone’s day when in sight and definitely makes a dip in the pool a really fun time. 

The pool is the heart of the beach club and the vibe at night with ambiance coloured lights that traces the circumference of the bar was lively and simply unforgettable. Alongside that , there are weekly live performances by local talents and world-class Djs! 

Designed to combine the iconic Chino-Portuguese style of Phuket with the colorful themes of Shanghai Tang, comprised of beachfront villas and private pool suites as well as two to five bedroom pool villas with unrivaled oceanside access. 

A hearty breakfast to me is always a motivation to make me get out of my bed on a lovely beach vacation. There is a selection of Asia and continental menus and food is very well prepared. 

 It is definitely a must to visit the Natai beach just walking distance away from the resort during your splendid visit there. 

It is unpopulated and surrounded by beautiful palm trees. The whiff of fresh air, sea breeze and beautiful sunset will definitely lift your mood during the day. 

Also, don’t forget to visit other parts of Phuket for some sight seeing and indulge in scrumptious Thai food! 

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